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#071: Tim Chucks, music from NYHC band Token Entry.(part 2)

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Darrin finishes his chat with the singer for NYC hardcore legends Token Entry Tim Chunks. Tim tells some classic tour stories (Green Day, Avenged 7X and a few more).

Darrin and TS drink some delicious Amplified Ale Reel Big Fish Kolsch beer. SOOO good!!

Also, we play a classic Reel Big Fish track.

Some weed news, some music news, a new WTF segment, a nice tribute to Chris Cornell and other random silliness.


#070: Tim Chucks, music from NYHC band Token Entry.

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Darrin chat’s with his old NYC Hardcore pal Timmy Chucks. Tim wrote songs and sang for NYHC stalwarts TOKEN ENTRY. Timmy also worked for Green Day WAYYYY back in the day. He also toured with Sick Of It All, Rancid, NOFX, Pennywise and many, many more…stories for DAYS!!

Also, music from Token Entry…(of course).

Some music news, some weed news, porn b-days, a new “WTF” and Darrin and TS (try) to make martini’s (and fail).


#069: Fletcher from PENNYWISE (part 2).

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Darin finishes his chat with Pennywise guitarist Fletcher. He tells some hilarious stories in this one. A MUST listen!! Also, another classic old school Pennywise song.

Darrin and TS drink a few Lemmies (Jack & Coke) in tribute to Lemmy (Motorhead) talk about MUSIC, WEED, a new “WTF” segment, SPORTS and other silliness that happens when 2 people get drunk on Jack.