#071: Tim Chucks, music from NYHC band Token Entry.(part 2)

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Darrin finishes his chat with the singer for NYC hardcore legends Token Entry Tim Chunks. Tim tells some classic tour stories (Green Day, Avenged 7X and a few more).

Darrin and TS drink some delicious Amplified Ale Reel Big Fish Kolsch beer. SOOO good!!

Also, we play a classic Reel Big Fish track.

Some weed news, some music news, a new WTF segment, a nice tribute to Chris Cornell and other random silliness.


#070: Tim Chucks, music from NYHC band Token Entry.

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Darrin chat’s with his old NYC Hardcore pal Timmy Chucks. Tim wrote songs and sang for NYHC stalwarts TOKEN ENTRY. Timmy also worked for Green Day WAYYYY back in the day. He also toured with Sick Of It All, Rancid, NOFX, Pennywise and many, many more…stories for DAYS!!

Also, music from Token Entry…(of course).

Some music news, some weed news, porn b-days, a new “WTF” and Darrin and TS (try) to make martini’s (and fail).


#069: Fletcher from PENNYWISE (part 2).

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Darin finishes his chat with Pennywise guitarist Fletcher. He tells some hilarious stories in this one. A MUST listen!! Also, another classic old school Pennywise song.

Darrin and TS drink a few Lemmies (Jack & Coke) in tribute to Lemmy (Motorhead) talk about MUSIC, WEED, a new “WTF” segment, SPORTS and other silliness that happens when 2 people get drunk on Jack.

#065: LA Dodgers insider David Vassegh talks ball, music from DREAMCAR.

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Darrin has the co-host of Doidgers talk Mr. David Vassegh on to talk all things Dodgers baseball.

Darrin & TS enjoy some Dodgers wine and gross Old English 8 Ball (yep)!!  music form No Dubt, er…I mean DREAMCAR.

Topics of discussion:

**Drunk pig picks fight with cow

**Weed news, Music news

** Dodgers, Kings, Clippers, Lakers

**A new “did you know”

**A new “urban dictionary”


#064: Sammi Scarlette (part 1). music from Dangerous Darrin.

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Darrin chat’s with Sammi Scarlette, paranormal correspondent for the Eddie, Jason & Chris show about religion, God, aliens, creationism and other conspiracy theories. Part 1

TS and Darrin chat about Uber, Sports, weed news, The Kings, The lakers, The Clippers, Urban Dictionary. Drink delicious Elephant beer and have a blast!!


Check it out!! Thanks.



#063: Jonny Two Bags, music from Social Distortion.

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Darrin chats with Jonny Two Bags, guitar play for the OC punk band Social Distortion. Talking early punk influences, playing acoustically, the Social Distortion story and much more.

Darrin and TS,  (drinking Crabbies Ginger Beers),  talk Trump approval ratings, tattoos, The Flogging Molly Cruise, weed news, music news, SNL, B-days, PORN B-days, LA Kings, Clippers/Lakers, World Baseball Classic, Brady’s Jersey, Chuck Berry and other silliness.

Music from the one and only Social Distortion.

#062: Mike Herrera from MXPX and music from Islander.

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Darrin chats with his old pal Mike Herrera from the band MXPX and Idobi’s own the Mike Herrera Hour. Talking punk, MXPX, Goldfinger and life in the beautiful pacific NW. Also, music from the awesome Victory Records band ISLANDER.

**TS has an updated on the feds messing with weed legislation.

**Darrin has some killer music news.

**Darrin & TS drink “House beer”

**Topics include: Oscars flub, celebrity b-days, “did you know”.

**FULL sports update.


#061: LA Kings Luc Robitaille, music from Dirty Heads.

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Darrin chat’s with LA Kings President of Business Operations and beloved Alumni Luc Robitaille. Talking 93′ Finals against the Habs, playing with Wayne Gretzky and the current state of the LA Kings.

TS and I also welcome Lesbian Dina on the show, tackling the tough issues that confront lesbians. haha.

TS talks about the “not my president” march in downtown LA on Monday (Presidents Day) and has great audio from it as well.

Music from Dirty Heads as well.


#060: Tim McIlrath from Rise Against.

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TS and I hang/broadcast from Johnny’s Bar in Highland Park LA and have some guests on. Gay Ramon is a regular, talking about being gay and picking up dudes. Also, comedian Kym Kral (@KymKral) stops by for a visit.

Other highlights:

**TS with a great #Weed News  **Trump and his continued insanity!!  **music news  **Grammy update  **SPORTS!!!

#059: Ingrid Newkirk, leader of PETA, music from Danger Bees.

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Darrin & TS are back at it!!!  LIVE at Wirtshaus (German food & beer) 345 N. La Brea, Hollywood CA

Darrin has a very nice chat with Ingrid Newkirk, the leader of People For The Ethical Treatment OF Animals (PETA) @PETA  about animal right and animal compassion.

Also, music from up and coming indie bad from Canada called The Danger Bees. @TheDangerBees

Other topic discussed:

*Super Bowl LI
*Super Bowl commercials
*Stranger Things
*Tennis Star-Genie Bouchard dating a fan
*Los Angeles Kings
*NHL All Star Game
*MLB Opening Day
*Trumps travel ban
*Federal judge James Robart (ban reversal)
*Music News
*Weed News

#057: Jason “The Human Kebab” Parsons from U.S.S. (new music from U.S.S. as well).

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TS and Darrin are BACK AT IT after some time off of the holidays.

Darrin chats with his buddy, DJ/mixer/songwriter for Canadian act Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, otherwise known as U.S.S. A cool mix of hip-hop, rock, pop, electronic an heavy dose of WEIRD. Also…new music from U.S.S. as well.

Drinks (Backwood Bastard beer) and TS has some weed news.


#056: Jay Weinberg from Slipknot, music from Slipknot as well.

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Darrin chats with drummer Jay Weinberg. Jay is the son of long time Bruce Springsteen and one time Conan O’Brian band leader Max Weinberg. Jay actually sat in with Bruce and E-Street band for a tour in 2009. He’s also played with NYC hardcore band MADBALL and a little with Against Me. Now….he’s the drummer for world renounced metal band SLIPKNOT.

TS talks Weed news and Darrin & TS drink Rolling Rock. Silliness ensues!!!


#055: Harley Falanagan from Cro-Mags. Music from Harley.

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Harley Flanagan is one of the founding members of the VERY influential NYC hardcore/metal band Cro-Mags. Darrin had a nice chat about his place in NYC-HC history and his new book Hardcore, Life Of My Own. If you like NYC hardcore…you NEED to listen to this interview.

Talking weed news, music news and Darrin gets some things off his chest. Oh….and BOOZE!!!


#053: Stephen Perkins from Janes Addiction (music from Say Yes)

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Stephen Perkins is best known for his incredibly tasty drumming for Janes Addiction but it goes deeper. He’s also drummed for Infectious Grooves, NIN, Porno For Pyros and many more. A great drummer and a good friend. Music from Canadian band SAY YES. Also….TS and Darrin talk about the recent election and a VERY LONG Weed News section. Breaking all the new laws down state by state.

Drinks, silliness, more drinks and more silliness!!!


#052: Frank Zummo, drummer for Sum 41. BRAND NEW music from Sum 41 as well.

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Sum 41 have been undertaking a massive come back as of late. All due to the health and reemergence of one Deryck Whibley. With a renewed vigor and new record out (13 Voices-Hopless Records) don’t cal it a SUM back. I got my old friend and drummer for Sum 41 Frank Zummo on the line to talk drums, Sum 41 ands all the other things he’s into. Also, new music from Sum 41 as well.


TS and I have some coffee (with Baileys Irish Cream of course). Talk music news, politics (election) and some really wacky news stories.

#50: Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies and music from Dangerous Darrin.

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When one things skateboarding and music you might think the soundtrack for the Tony Hawk games, and you should…they’re killer but for me it’s Venice CA skate/punk legends SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. Mike Muir, singer/songwriter has been doing it since 1980 and they’re still going strong. Check out part 1 of my chat with Mike here.

LOTS going on in the marijuana culture these days as voting day nears. TS brings us all up to speed. Music news as well…lots going on. IT’S OUR 50th SHOW!!! TS and I celebrate with champagne (and the champagne of beers Miller) haha. Music from MOI, Dangerous Darrin and a song called FAKE VEGAN. Gee….wonder who that’s about? lol

#049: Anthrax guitarist SCOTT IAN. Music from Alexa Joan Rea/Plexxaglass (& Hours North)

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Every band has “that guy/girl” in it. The guy/girl you come to the shows and WANNA see do their thing on stage. They have a vibe, a look, a feel. Well…without Mr. Scott Ian and his presence on stage there IS NO Anthrax (in my humble opinion). I got my old friend on the phone for a quick chat about metal, hip hop and being a hard ass metal band for 247127846128461284 years!!!

Music from Hours North feating our friend Alexa Joan Rea from Plexxaglass.

Also, TS bring me Modelo Chelada to drink….(yeah, he was hungover). We also chatted with Drew Hibbert from www.agavie.com and had some delicious AGA.VIE. Also talked sports apps and got silly. Music news, a nice looooooong weed news and a new game…”fill in the blank”. Dodger talk!!! Kings Talk!!! Simpsons talk!!!

Check it out!!!

#48: Chris DeMakes (Less Than Jake). Music from The Tragically Hip

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Chris Demakes and the boys in Florida based ska band LESS THAN JAKE have been doing it for a loooooong time. They’re considered  one of the premier ska bands in the world for a good reason. They write great songs, have a great live show and tour constantly!!! I’ve know Chris for a long time, have toured with him and the guys and finally tracked him down for a chat.

Also…LESBIAN DINA comes back to talk about being a lesbian (and how awesome it is). TS and I drink whacky gingers and rant about Trump/Clinton debate, Trump saying stupid things (daily occurrence lately), some music news, some weed news, LA show updates, SPORTS TALK and the music of THE TRAGICALLY HIP.


#047: Punk legend Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Black Flag, OFF).

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Keith Morris is a walking punk LEGEND, His singing/songwriting work with Circle Jerks, Black Flagg and OFF are well documented. Considered one of the best singers in punk…Keith is trying his hand at writing. His new book is called My Damage: The Story Of A Punk Rock Survivor. We talk about LA punk, how the sense has changed and of course…the book.

Of course….we touch on the SH** show what was the 1st presidential debate….TS has good weed news!! I have music news…I talk about how a woman in WY was stabbed by her dog. We touch on The Dodgers, The Kings and the week in the NFL. World Cup Of Hockey and more.

TS brings weird Mexican beer to drink and we do shots….a normal booze filled Dangerous Darrin Show.

#046: Jennifer Finch from the LA punk band L7. Music from L7 as well.

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Jennifer Finch has been a staple in the LA punk scene for sometime now with her bandmates L7. They put all girl, dirty, grungy, punk/metal on the map (as far as i’m concerned). And now, THEY’RE BACK!! Listen in to hear all the gory details!!! Also, a CLASSIC L7 song (Pretend We’re Dead) as well. Ts and Darrin talk about their 9/11 memories, Drake being robbed to the tune of 3 MIL, GQ mag’s “worst song of the 80’s”, Sully movie review, some weed news, some killer music news and of course….BOOZE!!! (Carlsburg beer). Tune in, have a laugh!!!

#045: music from The Tragically Hip and Lesbian Dina!!!

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Today I/we started a new segment, The Lesbian Minute with LESBIAN DINA. My friend Dina is very, very proud of her lesbianism and wants to share that with the world (and our listeners). So from time to time we’ll have her on and discuss the issues surrounding not only lesbians but the LGBT community.

Also, music from a iconic Canadian band THE TRAGICALLY HIP. After hearing of the terrible news of dinger Gord Downie’s condition (terminal brian cancer) I felt the need to play more Hip on the show.

Also, TS and I drink Hooligans Ginger Infused Irish Whiskey. There’s Weed News, Music News, a funny “Did You Know”, celebrity B-days, show listings and other silliness.